NTLK Re: ZAC: Palm Emulator Questions

From: Gary Moody (gmoody@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 16:15:18 EST

Hi Zack,

Okay, fair enough, I know you would have to be awfully busy to accomplish
this task. So just one more question: What time frame do you estimate that
you will have a demo or prototype? I'm not looking for an exact date,
something general, like in months?

I'm just trying to determine, for my own edification, if you are really on
the level here. Last year, around this time (April 1st, April Fool's day),
a "developer" announced a Palm emulator for the Newton, complete with
elaborate web site, etc. Pissed off a *lot* of people when it was just an
April Fool's joke! Year before that, it was NewtQuake
(http://www.emeraldnet.net/~ravenous/NewtonQuake/intro.htm). Same thing. I
really don't want our folks to have to go through this a third time.

Now, just some observations:
1. You *seem* very young - not neccesarily a *bad* thing, but very eager to
tackle a project that the most grizzled (and knowledgable) old-timers
wouldn't touch.
2. You've advertised for programmers rather non-specifically, leading me to
believe that maybe you're not as technically adept as you would like.
Indeed, you have personally claimed no skills other than web-building,
3. You consistently said "ask me questions", but just as consistently
avoided answering them, especially when they inquire about the more
technical topics.
4. The project management method *seems* to be "lets just all jump in here
and get it done" versus a more structured and analytical approach which will
be needed to make progress on a project of this scale and complexity.

You're an unknown quantity, a newcomer to the list. I've never seen any
Newton program attributable to you, or any program for any machine. I have
no idea of your qualifications or propensity to get it done. So, I'm
curious. I've been trying to teach myself NewtonScript for over a year with
limited, small scale success but not even close to the level of success you
would have to have to do a project of this complexity.

Now I may be completely off-base here, you may be some kinda
super-developer, experienced in all major OSs and languages including the
more interesting ones like Dylan or SmallTalk. So, I'm asking...are you
completely full of crap, leading a lot of folks down the primrose path
to...nothing? Or are you serious in your endeavor and possess the core
skills to do it, making a timetable estimate relatively trivial? I mean, if
there'a a hope at all you can do it, go for it! Please share with us what
you've found and what you're planning, we may be able to help. And I'm
still interested in your take of the questions below that you either didn't
answer or asked me to "explain more". My clarifications are in ()s.

Just curious...



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From: ZACINCCEO@aol.com
To: gmoody@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: ZAC: Palm Emulator Questions
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:50:05 EST

Gary I have tried to answer your questions I dont have all the time to
answer all of them let me just try to crank it out for now and then everyone
can take a look and praise or criticize

In a message dated 3/13/00 1:31:23 PM, gmoody@hotmail.com writes:

<< Hi Zac,

Okay, I have some questions:

-First, your age (just as a reference) :)
A: sorry don't give that out but I am assuring you I am of legal age :)

-How are you planning to attack the project?
A: explain more
(OK, to clarify: In general terms, what is your analysis of the scope of
the project, identified as well as potential issues/problems, initial
strategies to deal with those issues/problems, resource requirements to
complete the project, etc.)

-What type of modeling technique are you employing on this project?
A: explain more
(OK, to clarify: Again in general terms, the essence of a "virtual Machine"
is the ability to run binaries of one machine on a different machine with a
different and non-compatible architecture. Part of the analysis that must
take place is a process called Data Modeling, meaning how you are going to
map the structures of the programs you want to execute in the environment
you want to execute them in. There are a variety of standard data modeling
techniques that are used in the industry. Which one will you use and why?)

-What issues have you identified that must be worked through?
A: hardware software issues
( :) Could you be a bit (lot) more specific?)

-Do you currently have any experience cobbling up "virtual machines"? A:
( :) Could you be a bit (lot) more specific?)

-How exactly are you planning to address binary compatibility with Palm
A: asking myself that now :)

-How will you handle screen and sprite I/O on the Newton?

-How does the memory utilization model differ from the Palm to the Newton?
Are there conflicts or problems in memory addressing identified?

-Since there is no pure C or C++ environment on the Newton, do you have a
division established on what needs to be coded in C or Assembler and what
needs to be coded in NewtonScript?

-Do you currently have extensive experience in NewtonScript? In C? In
StrongARM Assembler?

-Do you have a team working on this? If so, who are they and what are their
backgrounds related to the questions above?

I know of several "virtual machines" in existence, and most were
non-trivial, even at the lowest OS level, much less with a graphic UI with
pen input. So I'm curious regarding your approach to the issue and the
resources being brought to bear in solving this issue.



BTW: What exactly is ZAC, Inc.? Public or Private? Market Capitalization?
Number of employees?
A: ZAC Inc. is my web page business

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