Re: NTLK PCMCIA Harddrive on Newton 2x00?

From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 17:59:38 EST

Hi Benjamin,

>I found a nice offer for a PCMCIA Harddrive and would like to know if it
>would work with my newton the Product Description says:
>PCMCIA-HD Maxtor MXL-131-III, 131 MB 2 Disks, 4 Heads, 1254 Cyl., 5016
>Tracks, 1,8 Inch., 5V; (LxBxH) 86x54x10 mm
>It would be cool to use it even if I couldnt use all of its storage space
>due to newton limitations...

It's nice to have - but only on notebooks and not on Newtons - sorry.
It's an ATA device and NOS in any flavour does not support them. Only
Linear flash memory qualifies.


Chris Ruprecht
Network grunt and bit pusher extraordinaíre
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