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From: Kenneth Wong (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 05:15:48 EST

Man, I would kill just to get software that would sync my Newton with Palm

Outlink needs work. IMHO, I think it would ultimately be easier to sync
Newton to PD as opposed to with Outlook.

PD's file format seems to be quite straight forward, but the syncing is
another thing altogther.


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> Woah! Hold your horses guys, and *definately* don't start sending me money
> (Clinton, Gary)! ;)
> The PDA market is in a bit of a state at the moment and it's not clear if
> any of the current big players (Palm, Psion and MS) will fall by the
> wayside. I've been reading up on the new technologies and basically I'm
> happy to start developing for anything at the moment. This means that I'm
> not ready to buy a new PDA at the moment and this, in turn, means I'll be
> keeping my Newton (for the moment at least - besides, I've had no offers
> it) :-) What it *doesn't* mean is that I'll be writing loads of really
> Newton software :-( Some of you are under the misaprehension that I'm a
> Newton programmer: I'm not. Don't even know NewtonScript :-( I do,
> think that we need better ways of getting data between the desktop and the
> Newton and I am a software developer by trade so by leveraging the
> capabilities of Steve Weyer's Sloup I think we can improve things in this
> area.
> As we have Mac, Linux and PC users here it doesn't seem to make sense for
> to concentrate my efforts on Wintel Outlook. Instead I'd like to take a
> generic approach to the issue and help provide something we can all use.
> does mean that the end result won't in the form "click the synch button
> away it goes" but it will be more versatile.
> Sorry, this message is going beyond what I'd intended but if you're still
> with me I'll carry on :)
> How many people would be interested in free, open source development of
> generic multi-translation Newton-Desktop software? In addition how many
> people can program in C++ and would be willing to help? What sort of
> conversions would we be looking at? Would it be better to take this
> discussion off-line or to NewtonTalkers want to hear what's going on?
> Brad

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