NTLK Someone gave me a Powerbook160 to use with my MP2100.

From: Arild Langseid (arild.langseid@online.no)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 05:26:44 CDT


I admit this question may have been put on an Mac-list. But since
someone gave me a Macintosh Powerbook 160 to use with my MP2100, I put
my Q here...

As said above I am a newbie to Mac. My first problem is: Everything
found on the net (Newton stuff for Mac) is compressed with .bin .sit
..hqx or .sit.hqx. So I thought "I might need Aladdin Stuffit or another
tool for my new Mac" - since I did not find any on my "Hard-disk". But
now I wonder: Every single application is stuffed with the extensions
mentioned above - also the decompressors. How do I put my _first_
decompressor into my Mac ? Can anyone give a newbie an URL, description
or attach an uncompressed version of any decompressor in a email?

Problem two:
I am not able to connect to internet on my Mac. (don't have a proper
modem and software on my Mac). So I surf and download files on my Linux
PC. Then I have to move the files to the Mac. The only common interface
between my LinuxPC and Mac, is the physical match of the 3"5 diskette. I
formatted a diskette on my Mac, wrote a little word-document (yes it is
usable for writing "asdlkjafg" into a file.) and saved it on the
diskette. Then i tried the hfs.o (Macintosh filesystem-module on Linux)
- "modprobe hfs" and mounted by "mount -t hfs /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy". "ls
/mnt/floppy" listed my file and I was very impressed - success on first
attempt. But - then I copied AccessPC.bin from Linux to my WinCrashNT
and the Aladdin Stuffit I use to decompress the newtonfiles with .hqx I
download. After decompressing it I just got one new file AccessPC.rsrc
(turned options Always MacBinary format). Then copied these two files
back to my Linux and put them on my Mac-diskette... (Have not searched
for decompressor for Linux yet). The files appeared on my Mac as
"documents".... It was a long way for my files - but is it possible to
do it this way ? If yes - where did I do wrong ?
AccessPC.bin is something I hope will make my Mac read PC-floppies...
can anyone verify this?

When I have managed to move the files from Internet to the my Mac I am
to use the latter for backing up my Newton on the Powerbook. NCU on my
PC (PIII/500) stops after a few bytes (installing packages is
working...). I have tried the SlowDown.exe but this does not work
either. And I want to see what the C development kit and NTK for
Macintosh looks like. (thanks to my Newton it has not crashed once in
the past two and a half years in duty!)

By the way:
Last week I managed to setup my MP2100 to sync to Lotus Notes with
Cadenza 1.61 with some help from a nice member of this list! What I
missed was a mail with the "authorisation key". If this mail is public -
is it very wrong by me to post it on this list ? (once more if it has
already been around here?)

Please answer to my mailbox or to the list with a copy to my mailbox :

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