Re: NTLK Someone gave me a Powerbook160 to use with my MP2100.

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 07:50:44 CDT

Arild Langseid wrote:
> How do I put my _first_ decompressor into my Mac ?
Nowadays all CD's (I know your PB has no CD-drive... :-( for the
installation of internet stuff or the MacOS installations come with a
Netscape installer and contain also the free Aladdin expander. But may
be you find an Expander.SEA (self-expanding-archive) which is a Mac
application and should expand just fine. Probably could I e-mail one
(from the Mac at home) but I don't know whether the PowerPC version runs
on your 68k processor. You should now get a hold of a set installer
disks for your PB in order to re-install everything.

> I am not able to connect to internet on my Mac. (don't have a proper
> modem and software on my Mac). So I surf and download files on my Linux
> PC. Then I have to move the files to the Mac. The only common interface
> between my LinuxPC and Mac, is the physical match of the 3"5 diskette.
There is another possibility which should work as well, a serial link
and maybe a network connection. In LINUX you should be able to mount
nearly everything and there is a package for AppleTalk. The problem is
again your PB160 and its missing ethernet connectivity. You could use an
iPrint adapter and route your LocalTalk from the PB to an ethernet hub
and finally to the LINUX box which shurely has an ethernet card. Finally
you should be able to access the internet thru your LINUX box and
directly move the files w/o major problems.

> The files appeared on my Mac as
> "documents".... It was a long way for my files - but is it possible to
> do it this way ?
If you can get an expander.sea this way to your Mac it might not arrive
as an application. But it could be forced to become an application with

> When I have managed to move the files from Internet to the my Mac I am
> to use the latter for backing up my Newton on the Powerbook.
I've used a PB160 (or was it a 170... Frank knows it better :) to backup
my Newton(s) via LocalTalk. But with an ethernet card and the Crescendo
G3 upgraded PPC7500 the whole thing can be done much faster.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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