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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 00:23:53 CDT

on 8/31/00 5:05 PM, Bradley Smith at wrote:
> Hi,
> Saw your post on the Newton Mailing list.
> I'm going to be writing Mac applications to exchange data with Newton
> devices.

Great! Going to adapt Notes2Notes for the Mac?

> I've never programmed the Mac before but have been programming
> professionally for over 12 years.
> I want to program for Mac OS X as I understand it has a new API (Cocoa). The
> problem I have is how do I get onto a developer program at Apple that will
> allow me a developer preview of Mac OS X?
> Any advice appreciated.
> Brad

Yes, and that's forget Cocoa for now. There's no market for it yet.
Write for CARBON. That's the cleaned up, revamped, MacOS API set that
lets you create programs that works on both old Mac AND MacOS X (and NOT
inside a compatibility box or "classic" interface/emulator.

Even better, since you did Notes2Notes in Visual BASIC, you'll DEFINITELY
want to check out RealBASIC. It's a very similar to VB, for the Mac.
And it runs on both current MacOS _and_ is in public beta (or alpha?) for
MacOS X. There's even at least one book out on it, published by
O'Reilly (the folks who make all the computer books with the black and
white funky woocut prints of animals on the covers). Saw it in the local
Barnes & Noble the other day.

Go to

They even have a version of RB that can create executables for both Mac
AND Windows!

But if you want to mess with programming in C or Java for the Mac, get
CodeWarrior ( or the free MPW (Mac Programmers
Workshop) available at the Apple web site.

MacOS X public beta will be released on Sept. 13th.

The developer programs at Apple also has a "developer mailing program"
($199 a year) to get the monthly CD-ROMS of system softare updates, SDKs,
tools, etc.

 - Bill

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