Re: NTLK Error Message Help

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 01:56:06 CDT

>James D'Anvers wrote:
> > 'Unable to activate NE2K since Newton Device Drivers are not in the system'
> > Does anyone know what NE2K is?
>I don't know but it is related to Internet communications or maybe a
>modem driver.

NE2K is a sample code for the Lantern DDK. It is an Ethernet Card driver.

OK, to put an end to this kind of questions:

The Lantern API is included into Newton Devices. It has been written
to allow developers to quickly write ethernet drivers. Most ethernet
drivers use that.
It has several capabilities including using Ethernet with Internet
thanks to NIE Ethernet Module or using AppleTalk over Ethernet
(without any additional package). For example, it provides the
AppleTalk preferences, the Ethernet card slip which opens when an
ethernet card is inserted (this is not coded in the driver), the card
slip mechanism since the system is not written to accept custom
slips. (guess who had fun implementing his own custom mechanism).

Apparently, Newton Devices work on OS 2.0 devices, but NIE 2.0
definitively doesn't. This mean you can use EtherTalk to connect
those devices to a Macintosh but you can't use the Ethernet card to
connect to the Internet.

> > Would anyone know how to solve this error?
>Re-install NIE2.0 with all of its components. Also those which are in
>the two subdirectories. You miss very likely an extension called Newton

I doubt that you need NE2K anyway.



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