Re: NTLK Have you seen this?

From: Peter Apockotos (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 07:00:46 CDT

Well the point I was trying to make is that an eMate can be unplugged for a
long time without the need for recharging, and that they should have
demonstrated it on a PowerBook

on 09/02/2000 05:56 AM, Robert Benschop at wrote:

> on 02-09-2000 11:17, Peter Apockotos at wrote:
>>> on 09/02/2000 05:17 AM, Daniel Padilla at wrote:
>>> Here you can find amovie of an E-mate being powered by a wind-up powered
>>> radio!!
>> Did you read the article, I bet they did not remove the internal battery,
>> and this is not the right computer to test real world portable computing
>> power needs.
> Why not ?
> As far as remember reading the different articles at the time this wasn't a
> hoax but it really worked.
> Might have been simpler with a solar panel though....
> Robert Benschop

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