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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 08:22:22 CDT

on 9/1/00 6:51 AM, Bill Davis at wrote:

> Or run the NCU app and click "backup" or "restore" or "synchronize.
> Or import/export documents to the built-in word processor and
> spreadsheet (on some 2x00 models).

Let's be honest here (not that you are not honest), the one weakness of the
Newton is its sync/data import-export facilities, ie, Newton Connection
Utilities. It is buggy, supports minimal software, and sometimes doesn't
work, and it takes too long in comparison to the Palm. Yes, it does work,
but sometimes not, and, depending on the software you use on your desktop,
doesn't work at all. For instance, I personally have never succeeded in
getting my Newton to sync with Palm Desktop. I use Now Sync, so it's no big
deal, but if I didn't, where would I be? Yes, it does work, but I would have
to concede this area to the Palm.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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