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Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 16:15:31 CDT

It was my understanding from talking to folks on the Calligrapher team that
Calligrapher was built from the Newton's HWR engine. Maybe they were lying
to me to get me to try their product, but in any case, I have to defend
Calligrapher here a bit. I've used it on WinCE and on Win98 with a Wacom
tablet, and in both cases I have found it to be more accurate than my
MP130's (rest it's tiny soul) HWR ever was.

As far as it not being a part of the OS, that *is* a big drawback. The
Newton's strength is *not* just how well it recognizes handwriting, but how
well it *uses* handwriting. WinCE will never come close, and AFAICT
Microsoft won't even make an attempt.

But cut the Calligrapher folks some slack. They aren't MS and they have a
good product.


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from Calligrapher (owned by VADIM)..

it is not Rosetta.. nor is it like Rosetta..

IMHO, Calligrapher is another fine piece of coder's excrement..

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