From: James Simons (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 02:30:55 CDT

steve wrote:
It was my understanding from talking to folks on the Calligrapher team that
Calligrapher was built from the Newton's HWR engine. Maybe they were lying
to me to get me to try their product, but in any case, I have to defend
Calligrapher here a bit. I've used it on WinCE and on Win98 with a Wacom
tablet, and in both cases I have found it to be more accurate than my
MP130's (rest it's tiny soul) HWR ever was.

As far as it not being a part of the OS, that *is* a big drawback. The
Newton's strength is *not* just how well it recognizes handwriting, but how
well it *uses* handwriting. WinCE will never come close, and AFAICT
Microsoft won't even make an attempt.

But cut the Calligrapher folks some slack. They aren't MS and they have a
good product.

no, Calligrapher was not made "from" the Newton's HWR..

as for it being more accurate than your 130.. what processor were you
running it on?? how much RAM?? and the Calligrapher on your Newton is
nothing like what was on your desktop.. so much more advanced, due to the
surplus of computing resources.. but still ran/runs on top of the *OS*..

if it was so hot, why did it suck in the NOS1.x devices?? and, in NOS2.X
Rosetta was developed?? if it was, Apple would have stayed with it, alone,
in NOS2.X...

ParaGraph is owned by Vadim.. i beta-tested Calligrapher98, prior to the
sale of the company..
Calligrapher98 finally became PenOffice for Windows..

i was disappointed in the "intergration" into the "OS".. it was a very
clunky feel.. it is what it is.. an interface for pen input into a
non-pen-centric operating system.. the recognition was average with the
other* pen input software for windows.. this all goes to what is, and isn't
pen-centric.. it was as lame as all the others.. true, i could have dropped
3-6000.00 on a Fujitsu pentium-based tablet (mine were all 486-based.. as is
the grand majority of pen computers), but that would have included Pen-X, no
need for Calligrapher at all.. (*EXCEPT, CIC's
) Pen-X.. true 32-bit.. the most advanced pen input for 95/98/NT.. but,
REALLY expensive.. somewhere like $1500.00)

as for the operating system not being pen-centric, this is a huge deficit..
clunky, processor-consuming interfaces for input..not to mention the time
wasted with accessing these interfaces... and having major incompatibilty
with mainstream programs.. and, all the lockups.. ack!!.. no good....

the Newton still is a shining example of pen-centric design.. no other
pen-centric computer even comes close to the Newton's abilities.. not that
there isn't problems, there are.. but, name another pen-centric computer
with the same abilities as the Newton..
there are none..

WinCE and PocketPC are NOT pen-centric.. and, if you have ever used one, you
will know what i mean in the first few taps.. the pen is a substitute
mouse.. not the main form of data entry.. with the Newton, the pen is the
main form of input.. true, the pop up keyboards are in there, but those are
for convienence not main text input.. unlike WinCE/PocketPC.. who took 4
generations to include a form of pen-input.. prior, you had to use the
pop-up keyboard, or the physical keyboard, for text input.. and the OS has
not changed in this fashion since WinCE 1.0.. it's still the same feces.. i
laugh at the WinCE/PocketPC user, tapping that little keyboard, that takes
up half the screen.. now, they have to deal with clunky interfaces and a
CPU-chewing Calligrapher sitting on top of WinCE..

so, i have to sit back and just think that these magazines who tout the
*HWR* that is now "NEW-AND-IMPROVED" for WinCE/PocketPC, are complete ms
panderers.. they know who's paying thier bills, and are going to protect
and, who's it gonna hurt?? the Newton is dead.. and, the majority of
consumers that buy new handhelds, have never used a
"real" pen computer.. so, splash it on the cover.. and have David MacNeill
give it a good wet one.. and it's the best thing EVER..

so.. this is my beef with WinCE and the supposed *HWR* it now has..
WinCE/PocketPC was designed to separate the unknowing consumer from his/her
money.. (how many generations of WinCE, and actual devices have there been
since it has been released?
how many OEMs made them.. how many make them now?? see a pattern??)

maybe i'm really harsh on it (wince & ms).. but, not only am i angry about
the discontinuation of the Newton, i'm ticked over the entire pen-based

thanks for any tolerance towards this...


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