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Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 11:18:24 CDT

I freely concede (as I did in my last post) your point that WinCE and Win98
not being pen-centric OSes is a huge deficit in comparison to the Newton.
That does not change my experience that Calligrapher (and PenOffice, as you
point out... I had forgotten that they had different names) has more
accurate HWR than my Newt 130.

If what you're saying is that Apple changed HWR engines for the 2x00, and
that the new engine is worlds better than the old one, fine. Processor speed
notwithstanding, it makes perfect sense that with three or four more years
to develop the engine, the PenOffice version would be more accurate than the
HWR engine in my MP130.

PenOffice never purported to rewrite the OS to make it pen-centric, and
neither did Calligrapher. What it did was bring good HWR to a
non-pen-centric OS. Is that so horrible?

Side note 1: the only 2x00s I've used have belonged to other people, who
have used their Newts long enough that the Newt was "used to" their
handwriting, not mine. This may explain my unenlightened view of the 2x00
HWR as not being much better than on my 130.

Side note 2: I'm still pissed that the Newton was discontinued too. I can't
think of it without getting crabby and grumpy and argumentative. Like you, I
hate Microsoft with a passion. But I can't for the life of me find a reason
to blame Microsoft for the demise of the Newton. That's Apple, Apple, Apple.
The closest I can get to it is that Jobs sacrificed the Newton to make some
market share as a favor for his good friend Bill Gates. I find it much more
likely that he just had a bee up his butt about the Newt being championed by
Scully and didn't want it as part of HIS Apple.

Like I said, I have no love in my heart for Microsoft, but I can't say very
much nice for a company that sold its own loyal customers down the river to
settle a personal grudge. Apple can bite me. It'll be a long time before I
buy one of their products again.

As far as what I've quoted below, I couldn't agree more, and I never meant
to say otherwise. It just seems that in order to get back at Apple, you're
punishing Microsoft, and in order to punish Microsoft you're saying bad
things about Vadem, which AFAIK is not Microsoft.

That's all,


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the Newton still is a shining example of pen-centric design.. no other
pen-centric computer even comes close to the Newton's abilities.. not that
there isn't problems, there are.. but, name another pen-centric computer
with the same abilities as the Newton..
there are none..

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