NTLK How to disassemble an MP110/120/130

From: C.W. Otto Sohn (otto-sohn@uiowa.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 11:33:26 CDT

There was this message on the list a few days back:

>Subject: Re: dead MP 130
>>>Does anyone have a copy of the service manual and full specification for a
>>>Messagepad 130? - The links on Planet Newton FAQ no longer work.
>>If anyone has a service manual that is somewhat more detailed that having
>>merely a description of how to open the case, please get in touch with me.
>>Especially for the MP130 schematics I'm willing to pay money. I have
>>3 corpses of 130's at home by now which I can't revive.
>>But I'm interested in schematics for all types of Newtons.

I remember that there is a German site (sorry, it's all in German, but it
has some fairly good pictures) on how to take an MP120 apart:
which for the most part applies to the MP130 as well.
I bet that there is a website in Japan to that effect too, but AFAIK none
in English...
Other than that: The Apple Service Manuals (including the 1X0 manual) were
available on the Apple site:
a while back but the link is broken. The service manual
("messagepad_100.110.120.130.pdf") includes only an extremely sketchy
exploded view (of an MP100) anyway. Maybe there's a copy of it available
elsewhere on the web???? If not, I have a copy (size: 209K).


P.S.: Frank, schick' mir mal eine neue beta-Version von "Battlog" zum
testen. Ich hab' seit Monaten nichts mehr von dir gehört (seit du eine neue
eMail Adresse hast). Was macht das Projekt?

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