NTLK MP 2000 Upgrade question

From: Jimmy Flores (smtcb@swbell.net)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 00:13:46 CDT

Here's my dilemma. I own two messagepads. One is a MP2K and the other is a
2100 (upgraded by Apple) My 2100 is my primary Newton. The other I use as a
word processor at home. The problem is my 2100 is in, from what I can gather
from the list, the early stages of developing the jaggies. Right now it has
a "drift". Some days are better than others. I've tried twisting, cleaning,
pleading and begging, but it still acts up from time to time. For those who
haven't had this problem, it is VERY annoying. On top of that, my 2000 is in
immaculate condition.(The hinge on the door cover is even still stiff!)

I was wondering if it would be difficult to upgrade the 2000 using the 2100.
I know when I upgraded my old emate, it was as easy as installing ram in a
computer. I know the MP is a different beast and opening it is not easy, but
is the actual process of upgrading it as simple? i.e. can I take a chip out
of one and put it in the other?

Along with your comments, any sites detailing the process of upgrading
and/or opening your mp2k would be appreciated. I seem to remember one with


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