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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 00:11:21 CDT

On 9/4/00 5:36 PM, Doug Dockery [] wrote:

>I noticed on there was a menu item for an avantgo channel. I
>couldn't find a Newton version of their software on the web
>site. Does anyone know of a version of their software that will run on my
>newt? And, the $64,000 question - where do I download it from?
>Thanks -

The $64,000 answer: There isn't and you can't. I set up the Info-Newt
AvantGo channel because I could (I checked out my site using AvantGo to
see if it worked, basically). I also use a Palm IIIx with AvantGo (and I
know other folks here and some of my readers do), and occasionally I even
use it to capture sites for reading off line. So I figured I might as
well make it available in case anyone wanted it.

It's rather limiting though. What I really want to get is wireless 'Net
access on my Newton, but most of the solutions out there seem to leave me
out.....until someone comes out with a WaveLAN driver for the 'Newt!

However, you could use Newts Cape's scheduling (or the scheduler that's
out there for NetHopper to do something VERY, VERY similar to AvantGo.
Rich Lindsay's This Old Newt site has a bunch of text-only site links,
too. There may be some on Victor Rehorst's Newton Resources too (I
forget, maybe those were Palm PQA (Palm Query Apps for the wireless Palm
VII web clipping function)

 - Bill

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