NTLK Sync woes with CO 2.2

From: BondTrails@aol.com
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 00:50:18 CDT

Hello fellow Newtoneers,

Is anyone out there successfully sync-ing their Newton to their mac? If so I
could sure use some help....

I have Claris Organizer v2.2, an MP130, a powerbook (firewire) with MacOS
9.04, Newton Connection Utilities, and a pretty good Entrega USB to Serial

My problem is I can't seem to sync to my MP130. I seem to have been able to
do an initial sync to my Claris Organizer v2.2 when I first installed it. I
was able to get all my MP130 data into it no problem. Well, now i added some
new names and dates into C.O. v2.2 and also on my MP130 (different info on
each.) I want to sync the two up so I do the following:

In Claris Organizer, I initiate a sync with my existing CO data file which I
have designated as the sync file. It seems to work (C.O. seems to execute the
sync operation correctly, thus updating the file)

Then I start up NCU and from my MP130 I can initiate a connection with my
powerbook. When I try to set the Synchronize preferences, specifically when I
try to set the field mappings, I get the following error:
"The operation was not completed because the following error occured:
Unrecoverable error accessing system file. Product may need to be

Then I get the following error when I just try to synchronize:
"The operation was not completed because the following error occured:
Unable to complete the import or export operation."

And when i try to initiate a synchronize from the MP130 and not the NCU on
the powerbook i get the message:
"This feature has not been implemented" ... or something like that.

Does anyone know what is going on?? Is anyone successfull synchronizing their
I need some help!! If this fails does anyone think I will have better luck
with Palm's version of C.O.?

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