Re: NTLK screen dim & hum (switch out backlight?)

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:26:13 CDT

John Mark Davis wrote:
> > The hum probably is from the backlight. This is mentioned in the FAQ as
> > being from the power transformer that runs the light. As for the screen
> > diming, I don't really know. The backlights slowly get dimmer over time
> > with more use and have a unknown half-life (also talked about in the FAQ)
> > so, unless the backlight was replaced with the screen, it could just be
> > geting old.
> Thank you, JM. I did happen to read the FAQ before your post and found the
> same answers. While Apple replaced the screen, I'm assuming that the
> backlight is a separate unit and was not replaced.
> I have this backup Newton, the screen is brighter and there is no hum, but
> the case is not in the best of shape. I was wondering can I take apart my
> Newtons and switch out the backlight and transformer? Or is this a major
> electronics undertaking?

It's definitely a major undertaking. Even swapping cases might not be as
easy as it sounds. I know, I did open my 2100 case to replace the
speaker. Not for the faint of the heart. The battery recharging thing is
also in you way, and everything is crammed in whatever space is
available. You need to be very careful. If it doesn't bother you too
much, I would suggest you leave it alone...

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