Re: NTLK HOW: NCU failing with error -43

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:31:42 CDT

"Jason M. Smith" wrote:
> Hey all, I've got a serious problem here... I can't use NCU
> to backup my Newton 2000x or synch with Palm Desktop. Both are
> rather critical for me. :)
> Setup:
> Newton -> Ethernet AppleTalk -> Hub -> Ethernet AppleTalk ->
> B/W G3 (MacOS 8.6)
> NCU 1.0 (not beta)
> I initiate the connection from the Newton, then select
> Synchronize or Backup on either the MP or the MacOS host.
> Both fail with the message "The connection stopped because
> your MacOS computer disconnected." on the MP when the action is
> initiated on the MP or the MacOS host.
> Additionally, when an action is started from the MacOS host,
> I get: "Could not complete the Backup because an error has occurred
> (-43)." Note that it says Backup regardless of whether I select
> Backup or Synchronize. This message does not occur if I initiate the
> process from the MP.
> One thing I haven't tried is a direct Ethernet connection.
> Am I just out of luck here?
> Oh, one other thing that's bothering me - when I attempt to
> alter the prefs for NCU (Edit -> Preferences...), I get an error
> dialog stating: "Could not complete the Preferences... command
> because file not found." *Very* helpful. NCU Prefs is indeed in my
> Preferences folder in the System Folder.
> If anyone can help with either of these problems, you'll have
> my undying gratitude.

Did you try getting rid of the prefs file? Do not trash it, but move it
away, then try launching NCU. You might have a couple of settings to
set, though. Nothing major.

FYI, I'm also using NCU 1.0 on a B&W G3, connected to a ethernet hub, to
which my 2100 is also connected using the Farallon PN895 card. I'm using
Mac OS 9.0.4, though. I can backup without any problem.

When you say that the backup fails, how long after you start it does it
fail? Is it failing always at the same place? Do you know what was being
backed up when the error happened?

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