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From: jceaser (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 10:24:36 CDT

Yes, just that. About a year, year and a half ago, I downloaded an arcive
off the internet. Someone on this list pointed it out and several others
also downloaded it. At least 2 people on this list were going to provide a
mirror of the arcive. In the arcive was NSBasic with code. I assumed that
the code was legal since many companies have been releasing ther Newton
products to the public for odvious reasons, but from your tone I think my
assumption must have been wrong.

My second question still stands though. How can I beem a registered app
from one newton to another? Also, how can I move a registered app from a
card to the internal memory? When I highlight an app and go to the Extras
route menue, the beem icon option is not present. Also, when I try to move
the app to another store, I am told that I can't.

on 09/06/2000 8:21 AM, Laurent Daudelin at

> jceaser wrote:
>> Some timeago I downloaded an entire arcive of newton apps (it was in a zip
>> file) that had NSBasic and its reg. code. Does anyone know where this is?
>> My main proplem is that I just got a 2100 an I can not transfer my
>> registered programs from my 130 to the 2100.
> I'm not sure I follow you here. You mean you downloaded from the 'net,
> from some site, an archive of Newton applications. In this anonymous
> archive, you found a copy of NSBasic, along with its registration code.
> What do you want to know, where it is? If you didn't buy a license, I
> would suggest you to do so before contacting George Henne, who wrote
> NSBasic. Then, its email address is <>.
> As for your other registered packages, make sure you entered your owner
> name in your 2100 exactly as it was entered in your 130. That's what
> most application use to check the registration code they gave you.
> If you have any problem, contact the authors of these applications.
> -Laurent.

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