RE: NTLK Tibet

From: Bradley Smith (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 09:46:43 CDT

Agreed. I'm just saying that it seems that Ken came in saying he'd offer the
bits to us first rather than putting them on ebay like he's doing us all a
favour and now he's able (with the permission of the developer?) to give us
all a serial # for Tibet (which I'm not iterested in BTW) but instead he's
trying to sell it (albeit in a roundabout fashion) and because he can't he's
going to try and get more money for the bits he sells by including a Tibet
serial # in the sale. If he doesn't expect to get any more money by
including Tibet in the sale then why even mention it?

It just ticks me off a bit because some people here are writing software for
the community and giving it away and this guy is trying to sell software
that he hasn't even written. He has a chance to give something to the
community and instead is trying to cash in.

Maybe I've completely misunderstood all this and if so I'm deeply sorry if
I've upset Ken and invite him to set the record straight.


> well, they will only pay as much as they think it is worth,
> after all, you
> set your own price....
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