Re: NTLK Tibet

From: Ken Whitcomb (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 09:43:33 CDT

Bradley Smith wrote:
> Erm, I have to say that this all sounds extremely dodgy and underhand to me.
> People buying from you are going to pay a premium on the goods because of
> the iunclusiong of a serial number that unlocks the demo mode of this
> software? Maybe I've misunderstood?
> Brad

Dodgy and underhanded no. Without reservation, no, this is not the case.

The recent history surrounding Tibet is as follows.

People on this list recently looking to download files from their digital
cameras to their newton MP have learned that:

A. this requires Newt software called Tibet
B. the developer is not distributing it and isn't giving anything away other
than a 10 image demo version.
C. so, the only way to get the activation code has been to receive it as
most have, passed around the net (while this is a non-issue for some, it is
very important for others)
D. the developer of the software included distribution rights for the
activation code which makes the demo version of Tibet able to work beyond
the 10 image limit with an auction of, well it's not here yet but it
promises to be, a lot of newton stuff.
E. the developer won't let me sell it.
F. I can distribute it

Now, do I expect to receive a premium for any of these items because the
code is included? Certainly not. If anyone pays a premium, it will be
because these newts have not been used in over two years. They were used for
the development of the software, not for field use. The use of these was
very light and, the seller told me, they are in extremely good condition.

So, I'm simply informing people that are interested in using Tibet that
anything I sell will include the legitimate rights to use this software.
That's all. I'm sure that people that don't know me will be suspicious of my
intentions but I hope that the fact that I'm limiting notice of my sale to
this list that it is not purely greed. If that was the case, I'd have it all
on eBay.


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