Re: NTLK E-mail Synchronization

From: Jason M. Smith (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 12:15:22 CDT

>On 9/8/00 12:59 PM, Doug Dockery [] wrote:
> >What are my options if I want to sync my Outlook Express 5.x e-mail with my
> >Newton?
>I'm assuming you mean OE 5.x for Mac here. If not, someone familar with
>the PC version will need to help you (I use FULL Outlook, not Express, on
>my PC at work, and they are't remotely the same thing.)
>I'm afraid your options are "slim" and "none". ;-)
>At least when it comes to SYNCHING, which means repeated exchanges of
>data in both directions on a regular basis.
>You can probably import from one and export to the other thru Newton
>Connection Utilities 1.0 on OS2.x Newtons (or Newton Connection Kit 2.0
>on older Newtons). But you won't be able to modify address info on both
>OE and Newton and then synchronize them.
>(If you're pondering the Palm support it has and thinking it might work
>with Palm Desktop for doesn't.)

        Wouldn't an IMAP solution, with the mail left on the server
solve this nicely?

        (That's assuming he means the mail, which is what I got from
that question - your not on addresses is something I hadn't thought

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