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From: Jason M. Smith (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 12:27:02 CDT

>ken wrote - "Contrary to some recent posting, it is not okay to post serial
>numbers to software unless you own the source code and its copyrights."
>That IS my point!!! It also is NOT ok to copy images from a book, a
>magazine, a web site, hell even a matchbook cover and then publish them to
>the web. Let alone make a newton book.
>Even if you own the book you need to READ the copyright notice. You may not
>even be "legally" allow to reproduce it for your own purpose.
>I reminds me of that Jeff Goldblum line in Jurassic park, something about
>just because we could, dosen't mean we should. ala napster!!!

        [ObDisclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am an academic, and have
to deal with copyright issues on a regular basis.]

        You forgot about fair use, research with citations, etc, etc.
Not for profit minimal selections are almost always allowed by
default. A small snippet of a text is considered a 'quote', and may
be used in almost any case if credit is given. I am unclear on
whether than extends to a single image out of a large collection (or
is each image considered a complete work, apart from the
compilation?), but I believe a case could be made for it.

        The site gives credit.

        The site uses a small selection out of a much larger
non-electronically available work to focus in on a single subject.

        I see no problem.

        The author (or publisher) may, but that's his perogative
alone, and no one else's.

        And your comment regarding copyrights on books that one
owns... such copyrights are not allowed to supercede federal law,
which provides allowances for 'fair use', academic research,
parodies, reviews, critiques, and other possible exceptions.

        If you feel that strongly about it, contact the author
directly and point him to the site, and let *him* pass judgement. He
is the only one that can. We certainly don't have that right.

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