Re: NTLK ethernet setup help

From: jceaser (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 17:51:38 CDT

That was cool!!! I did not know that the newton suported DHCP. Thankyou
very much.

on 09/09/2000 5:27 PM, Ivan Shaw at wrote:

> At 05:01 PM 9/9/00 -0500, "jceaser" <> wrote:
>> I just got a new 3Com 3C589C card for my 2100 Newton and the drivers for it.
>> I installed the card and the drivers and have been able to connect to NCU
>> with no problem, but I want to do more. I want to get on the internet with
>> my Newton, but my network is DHCP based. I think I can get around this by
>> telling the DHCP server that a specific IP address is taken, but I need to
>> know the hardware MAC address for the card.
> Why are you bothering to do this? NIE 2.0 supports DHCP; all you have to do
> is create a new Internet setup which uses the 3Com card and a DHCP server.
> It's something like 4-5 taps.
> --
> Ivan T. Shaw

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