Re: NTLK screen dim & hum

From: Alex Karahalios (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 17:57:35 CDT

on 9/9/00 11:34 AM, John Mark Davis at wrote:

> Alex: I'm concerned about this backlight. When Apple stops "repairing" the
> Newton and all of our Newtons start to go dim, will some enterprising fellow
> be able to replace the backlight with these EL sheets easily and for a
> reasonable fee?
It's theoretically possible. You can get EL sheets that can be cut to size
with scissors. The main impediment to doing it is getting the proper EL
sheet that can be driven at the same voltage & frequency as the original.
Last time I priced an EL sheet about the size of the Newton's it cost about
US$25 in single quantities. There is a company that sells consumer level EL
products. I don't know if they are electrically compatible, but here is
their web address if you want to check them out:

Next time I have one of my Newtons apart, I'll check the electrical drive
characteristics of the backlight and look for a suitable replacement.

Alex Karahalios

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