Re: NTLK HOW: NCU failing with error -43

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 23:11:33 CDT

On 9/6/00 11:38 PM, Alex Karahalios [] wrote:

>on 9/6/00 5:13 PM, Jason M. Smith at wrote:
>> It seems to be getting all
>> the info from the MP, then attempting to write it to the chosen Palm
>> Desktop file, but I get instead: "The operation was not completed
>> because the following error has occurred: Unable to access file.
>> Verify that the file is closed, you have enough disk space, and that
>> the device is not write locked."
>I got the same error when using the Palm Desktop, but not when using Claris
>Organizer. I resorted to syncing with Claris Organizer and then using the
>file under Palm Desktop.

Hey, that's cheating! ;-) (I like it!)

>Unfortunately, you can't go the other way since
>Claris Organizer complains that the Palm file is a newer version. In my
>case I only wanted to get my Newton names onto my Palm Pilot.
>Alex Karahalios

The "unable to access file" message means that either you left Palm
Desktop or Claris Organizer open and accessing the file you're trying to
sync to OR you didn't remove ALL the Palm/CO extensions that access the
file and keep it open.

One suggested method I recall seeing to get around this, as I recall, it
to create a NEW CO or PD file, switch to that new empty file while you're
synching to your main PD or CO file, then switch back to your main CO or
PD file after synching.

I'd very much like to get synching between Palm and Newton working, so I
could use both more easily and take the Palm with me to places where I
don't want to be carrying a larger Newton around, but I'd have to work
for weeks to dumb my Newton data down to the Palm level to do it, and
there were other problems as well with repeating events (which I use a
LOT). I'd also miss the Newton outline and checklist stationery (which
I ALSO use a lot.) Maybe some day, but I've got 700-800 names and about
1200 notes and I don't know how many events I'd have to deal with.
Sigh. It's probably not going to be practical.

 - Bill

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