Re: NTLK NewtonBook info (or) new Newton user

From: Dan O'Donnell (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 00:25:36 CDT

Greetings to the list,

I have just acquired my first Newton, a 2000 that was just upgraded
to 2100 by David Watson (aka Dr. Newton). I've subscribed to this
list, and will undoubtedly have many questions. In fact I already
have one but will try to solve it first by RTM.

My primary uses for the thing will be as a portable word processor
that will be able to link to my Mac and PC. (I haven't got that part
figured out yet.) I'll probably also be using it for email, some web,
newsgroup, and printing (HP LJ 5MP, IrDA enabled or across my BAN
(bedroom area network)).

This is my first experience with a Newton, but I'm a Mac sysadmin so
assume I'm not starting from complete ignorance.

>Sorry, I think I've been on the list for so long that I take too many thing
>for granted.

So (and with all due respect) please don't take for granted that
everybody on the list has seen as much as you. I'm an admitted
newbie, but would like to make the thing work for me.


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