Re: NTLK Slightly off topic: Dead LaserWriter ?

From: MYQ Y. Q. LARSON (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 20:58:05 CDT

>I have a LaserWriter IIf that may be dead, but I need help with it's
>prognosis. What is wrong with the printer is that it can not be found on
>the apple talk network and all of its lights are on but the paper jam light.
>That light blinks. So, is there any one out there who use to work with this
>kind of printer? Is it dead? Basicly I want to know if it is a bad mother
>board or a bad printer. Thank for any help that can be givin.

Slightly? Slightly off topic?! This is as bad as the TAM discussions. I'm
sure you can get an answer off of the tech exchange on the apple website or a
comp.sys.mac.printers group.

General plea to everyone - this list has gained a reputation for low signal to
noise ratio. Can we aim for more signal please?


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