Re: NTLK Slightly off topic: Dead LaserWriter ?

From: jceaser (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 22:11:08 CDT

Excuse me for tring to fix the only printer I have that my 3 newtons can
print to. I also use that printer to print off the source code to
RemoteTown 2 (and severel other FREE programs that I develop) when ever I
find time to make more additions to it. I am very sorry that I some how had
the nerve to think that this printer has anything to do with my
contributions to the newton comunity. I am very sorry that I felt that
there were people smart enough on this list to help me out. I am very sorry
that I affected your sacred ratio. I have no desire to waist peoples time
nor rescores with useless chatter, in fact I contribute and help others with
there problems when ever I can (which I am afraid is not as often as I would
like). Get off my back.

Sorry to every one else.

> Slightly? Slightly off topic?! This is as bad as the TAM discussions. I'm
> sure you can get an answer off of the tech exchange on the apple website or a
> comp.sys.mac.printers group.
> General plea to everyone - this list has gained a reputation for low signal to
> noise ratio. Can we aim for more signal please?
> myq
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