Perceptions (was: Re: NTLK Slightly off topic: Dead LaserWriter ?)

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 22:54:45 CDT

OK, I'll bring this back on topic.
One of the things I've seen in discussing the Newton
to non-newton aware pseudo-luddites ;-)
Is exactly what this email represents.
First, a little background.
I worked as a network admin on a 100% Mac network with
LAN, WAN and wireless networking included...all at an
incredibly rediculously low (read: non-existant...I
did alot of scrounging and begging) budget. Doing
things that were unheard of in a small business arena,
and doing it all myself, I may add! I was chief
technical guru on all aspects of the company. From
help desk to network support. I developed the FMP
database, barcoded inventory, programmed the voicemail
system...needless to say, I wore many hats.
I now have a Newton (well, I've had a newton since the
Motorola Marco <what a deliciously wonderful wireless
toy that was>) and no longer involve myself with Macs.
(I'm going where the money is! Unix (linux), NT and
Solaris <have you seen what a Solaris Admin makes?
So, on with the story. I don't have a Newton becuase I
was involved in Macs, I have a Newton because I was
involved with PDAs! Yet, whenever I show someone my
Newt, they see the Apple logo and they immediatly
think that it's "Mac centric". In my personal opinion,
if the Newt never had the Apple association, I think
we would all be using Newtons instead of Palms today!
Why? Becuase the Mac; and Apple in general, has a
reputation in big business industry...Call it what you
will, but the majority of corporate bosses don't like
Apple products, for whatever reason! You sit in with a
bunch of Unix gurus or mainframers(you know the ones,
the 40 somethings) and bring up the word "Macintosh"
and the sneers are palatable!
OK, now stay with me here...the point is coming up;-)
So, the first thing that someone invariably says when
they see my Newton for the first time is, "oh, the
APPLE! Newton...hmmm, I never got into the "Mac" so I
didn't see any use for the Newton" The immediate
assumption is that becuase it's from Apple, it must be
like other Apple products...namely the Mac.
I look at the offender with confusion clearly on my
face and retort, "what does that have to do with
anything...I don't have a Mac either!" It's now the
offender's turn to look confused as they reply, "Well,
it's from Apple, right? therefore, it must function
just like a's kinda like a 'mini-Mac', isn't
it?" That's when I start to educate them as to just
how it works. After my 10 minute training session, the
offender is enlightened and always asks the same
thing...where can they get one...It's kind of like
telling a child about a mountain of candy, where all
children are welcome and there are no parents to tell
them what to do or teachers ordering them about...then
when the child wants to go there, you tell them that
it got blown-up and they missed out by not knowing!

The originator of this thread made the same
assumption...They assumed that because the Newt is an
Apple product, then everyone in the group must be
Apple users...Sorry folks, in this case when "A=B and
B=C, A don't necessarily equal C"...And I think I'm
not alone in being a non-Apple-phile in this group...

But just to show that I'm not completly heartless
against this poor misguided soul's plaintive plea for
assistance, I would suggest that anyone on this list
who has any "older" (pre G-whatever) machines to run,
don't walk, and get a copy of "The Dead Mac Scrolls"
it will save your butt!
>From a quick look on Amazon:
it looks like it's out of print, but believe me, it's
worth a purchase of this book.

In this particular instance, the user should look at
the LED signature of the error. I seem to remember
that the blinking paper-jam light indicated a bad
I'm not sure, because like I said earlier, I don't do
Macs any more...but I do do Newtons...and that's a lot
more fun!
web/gadget guru

--- "MYQ Y. Q. LARSON" <> wrote:
> >I have a LaserWriter IIf that may be dead, but I
> need help with it's
> >prognosis. What is wrong with the printer is that
> it can not be found on
> >the apple talk network and all of its lights are on
> but the paper jam light.
> >That light blinks. So, is there any one out there
> who use to work with this
> >kind of printer? Is it dead? Basicly I want to
> know if it is a bad mother
> >board or a bad printer. Thank for any help that
> can be givin.
> Slightly? Slightly off topic?! This is as bad as
> the TAM discussions. I'm
> sure you can get an answer off of the tech exchange
> on the apple website or a
> comp.sys.mac.printers group.
> General plea to everyone - this list has gained a
> reputation for low signal to
> noise ratio. Can we aim for more signal please?
> myq

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