Re: Perceptions (was: Re: NTLK Slightly off topic: Dead LaserWriter ?)

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 01:35:39 CDT

on 11-09-2000 5:54, Ed Kummel at wrote:

> Yet, whenever I show someone my
> Newt, they see the Apple logo and they immediatly
> think that it's "Mac centric". In my personal opinion,
> if the Newt never had the Apple association, I think
> we would all be using Newtons instead of Palms today!

Sad, but absolutely true, anybody ever wondered who brainwashed all of those
people ?

> The originator of this thread made the same
> assumption...They assumed that because the Newt is an
> Apple product, then everyone in the group must be
> Apple users...Sorry folks, in this case when "A=B and
> B=C, A don't necessarily equal C"...And I think I'm
> not alone in being a non-Apple-phile in this group...

But as he pointed out in his second posting it was actually 100 % Newton
related, if anything he was too apologetic in his original title.
Hey, should we start shouting at people posting about ethernet cards because
they're not Newtons ?
Also I tend to care very little at times when the traffic on the list is
quite low, but that is personal of course.
(BTW, never owned a laser writer, so I still couldn't help you ;-)

Robert Benschop

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