Re: NTLK MP130 and D-link 650TX, 660CT, no joy

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 19:14:53 CDT

Brian, I got your e-mail personally but since you posted here as well I'll
just reply to this one.

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Brian McEwen wrote:

> I had a chance to try a D-Link DFE-650TX and DE-660CT in my MP130, since
> some people have reportedly had success using MP130 and the newton devices
> package from NIE 2.0, and printing or NCU transfers.
> So, installed were NIE1.1, Newton Devices from NIE 2 (NIE ethernet support
> would not install), and the ATLAN.pkg for the D-link cards.

All on the same store, and you did a reset afterwards?

> On the Newton, prefs/Appletalk is set to use ethertalk and the appropriate
> d-link card.
> The MP130 will not recognize either card-
> The 660-CT on insertion gives a "There is a problem with this card (-10059)"
> The 650TX gives "There is a problem with this card (Newton cannot recognize
> this type of card)"
> Hoooking up the ethernet "media coupler" to a working jack here at work, (I
> am one of those people who thinks "dongle" should be reserved specifically
> for hardware copy protection devices, and really dislike "dongle" being
> used for serial or other adapters (oh well, I'll survive)), the lights
> flash on both units, the 650TX loks like it tries to start a connection,
> but gives up and flashes all 3 lights in an (undescribed in the manual)
> error code. The 660 CT just lights up briefly then gives up.

This is standard for most ethernet cards when you insert them into the
Newton - both my DE660 and my 3c589D light up for a few seconds on insertion
and then go out.

> Trying to print to a "network printer" from Notes, gives a "Chooser error
> -61001" which as far as I can find is undescribed (although I'd like to
> know). I assume it means "no network!" :)

-61001 means that the device (Ethernet card) couldn't be found or

> I've not used ethernet with a newt before since I don't have a MP2x00 (yet)
> so someone please let me know if I've left out a step somewhere, but it
> looks pretty clear to me at this point that at least these 2 card models
> cannot be used with MP130 in any fashion. FAQ fodder?

Probably, I will have to throw together an update for the Ethernet section
soon concerning all of this MP130+Ethernet=Ethertalk business.

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