NTLK MP130 and D-link 650TX, 660CT, no joy

From: Brian McEwen (brian@bmcewen.cvm.okstate.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 16:50:32 CDT

I had a chance to try a D-Link DFE-650TX and DE-660CT in my MP130, since
some people have reportedly had success using MP130 and the newton devices
package from NIE 2.0, and printing or NCU transfers.

So, installed were NIE1.1, Newton Devices from NIE 2 (NIE ethernet support
would not install), and the ATLAN.pkg for the D-link cards.

On the Newton, prefs/Appletalk is set to use ethertalk and the appropriate
d-link card.

The MP130 will not recognize either card-
The 660-CT on insertion gives a "There is a problem with this card (-10059)"

The 650TX gives "There is a problem with this card (Newton cannot recognize
this type of card)"

Hoooking up the ethernet "media coupler" to a working jack here at work, (I
am one of those people who thinks "dongle" should be reserved specifically
for hardware copy protection devices, and really dislike "dongle" being
used for serial or other adapters (oh well, I'll survive)), the lights
flash on both units, the 650TX loks like it tries to start a connection,
but gives up and flashes all 3 lights in an (undescribed in the manual)
error code. The 660 CT just lights up briefly then gives up.

Trying to print to a "network printer" from Notes, gives a "Chooser error
-61001" which as far as I can find is undescribed (although I'd like to
know). I assume it means "no network!" :)

I've not used ethernet with a newt before since I don't have a MP2x00 (yet)
so someone please let me know if I've left out a step somewhere, but it
looks pretty clear to me at this point that at least these 2 card models
cannot be used with MP130 in any fashion. FAQ fodder?

The cards are new and were a nice price( $35); I got them for laptops in
the household, I'll admit I did also pick the models as they are listed as
Newt-compatible, just to try :)

If someone really has got MP130 to work with ethernet (yes I know, no DHCP
for me via this route with MP130), please post the model # of the working
card so it can be added to the FAQ.

Hope this saves someone some time or expense in the future;

I would be happy to test a Farallon or any other card this way, if someone
would send me one :)


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