Re: [NTLK] Hard Reset what does it do

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 00:34:11 EST

My theory is that jaggies are always hardware related, but they are
also INTERMITTENT. If you do a hard reset, you are allowing several
minutes or hours to pass between uses, and if jaggies clear up after
a hard reset it is because of the intermittent nature of jaggies.

My original MP2100 suffered from jaggies until I returned it to Apple
for a touchscreen replacement, after which it never had jaggies
again. My second MP2100 has intermittent jaggies. I plan to do the
Apple repair routine some time in the next few months.

I have never heard of anybody experiencing a long-term, permanent
cure for jaggies through software manipulation.

IMO, jaggies ranks right up there with -61000 and -1 among the three
most persistent Newton annoyances.


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