[NTLK] gluing bits back on

From: Rhonda Hyslop (rhonda_at_paradox.null)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 00:55:02 EST

*phew* just caught up on about 1,500 messages...

Anyhow, I saw a couple of scattered mentiones of a few things that made me
want to ask a question.

Somebody mentioned using testor's model paint, because it's for painting
plastic. This made me wonder if using model glue, because it's also made
for plastic, would be appropriate to glue a part back on.

Then somebody mentioned that using crazy glue or model glue, specifically
the stuff that melts & re-bonds the plastic, is not good, and plastic
cement should be used. That was in a discussion about cracks, I believe.

Anyhow, I dropped my newt a while ago, and the cover on the battery pack
popped off, making it a bit tricky to pull the battery out. That isn't
such a problem, though - what worries me more is that now the little
yellow 'sticker' is exposed, and that is mentioned many times in battery
pack refurb pages as being an item to take great care with, as it is easy
to break without realising it. I have crazy-glued the cover back on
twice, taking great care to get a good fit and not have any excess glue
squirt out the sides, as well as letting it dry properly before
re-inserting the battery pack into the newt. The cover pops off very
easily now, however, and the weak point is definitely the glue.

I want to get the battery pack cover back on, and strong! will the 2-part
plastic cement do the trick, and not add too much material at the seam?
Or should I try model glue, and let the plastic melt & mold together? (I
have worked with model glue on very small parts before, so I'm not worried
about deforming anything; I know how much to use and how much pressure to
put on it.) I'm pretty sure model glue will work better than crazy glue,
as it's specifically formulated for plastic. I just hope it's the right
kind of plastic. ;-)

Thanks in advance...


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