Re: [NTLK] gluing bits back on

From: THX 1138 (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 17:03:44 EST

Verily, on 2/28/02, Rhonda Hyslop <rhonda_at_paradox.null> quoth:
>Somebody mentioned using testor's model paint, because it's for painting
>plastic. This made me wonder if using model glue, because it's also made
>for plastic, would be appropriate to glue a part back on.

As one who spent many of my formative years building models, here's
my two cents:

I'd say go for it. It's likely to give you the most durable bond.
One caveat, be careful it doesn't warp or melt the plastic. The
battery is a pretty tight fit and it doesn't take much to totally
screw it up. I'd test a dollop of glue on the inside of the plastic
and make sure there are no ill effects before continuing.



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