Re: [NTLK] Avantgo

From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 11:21:24 EST

        Hmmm... It looks like I spoke too soon. I thought we could get
AvantGo-like behavior by using NewtsCape's ability to compile and run
NewtonScript in a web page to generate Newton books of a web page.
However, it seems like NewtsCape behaves differently when doing a
scheduled download. This actually makes sense, if you imagine that all a
scheduled download is doing is loading the cache.
        I'm now playing around with using NewtsCape to generate a book
from an external script, and I *think* this might work. The main thing
I'm missing, right now, is a general way to schedule a piece of
NewtonScript to run (i.e.: I don't want to just write a script that sets
an alarm, I want to use something cron-like to run other scripts that I
give it). Before I go off the deep end and write one, does anyone know
if there is already something cron-like for the Newt? I bombed around
Unna last night, but I couldn't find anything that looked likely.


Jim Anderson

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