Re: [NTLK] Avantgo

From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 13:00:52 EST

Steve wrote:
> so, the steps would be:
> - setup Schedule (as usual) in a Bookmarks (or HTML Cache) folder
> (note approximately how long it takes)
> - setup Process for same URLs in HTML Cache (or Bookmarks)
> to Save as Package
> specify start some time after earlier Schedule should have completed
> (and obviously avoid overlapping schedule times)

        I think that would about do it. Personally, I wouldn't care
about the additional setup complexity. I'd be a little concerned with
how it handled failure cases, though. With the Schedule feature, if it
fails to grab a web site, it will unschedule the bookmark. If the
process scheduler did this, then there would be three things to check if
you don't get your package (HTML in the cache; is the bookmark still
scheduled; is the process still scheduled).

        In a similar vein, I've been playing with a generic scheduler
that would fire off bits of NewtonScript to do things like this. It will
use NewtsCapes getURL() to grab a web site as a package. However, when
the alarm fires it displays the normal user internet setup form.
Likewise, if a book with the same ISBN exists, it will display the form
asking the user if they want to replace it. Is there any way I can tell
NewtsCape which internet setup to use? Can I also tell it to overwrite
an existing book without asking the user?

        This all might seem a tad critical, but I really do think
NewtsCape is the best thing since sliced cheese... ;-)


Jim Anderson

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