[NTLK] Cheap storage cards

From: Eric Byrne (ericbyrne_at_eircom.net)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 19:59:35 EST

Hello list,
an e-mail from a few weeks ago mentioned that 32MB storage cards were being
offered on e-bay for $35BIN!
The poster regretted the fact that they were for sale to the USA only.
I e-mailed the seller asking him would he be willing to ship to Ireland and
to my great surprise he said no problem!
The cards are the ones with the Northstar programme on them, and the two I
received are fine.
Actually I have ordered two more, as this is too good an opportunity to
The cards are available on e-bay in the Newton section, look for the $35BIN
32MB Newton storage cards listings.
Obviously no affiliation, just a very happy customer.
Eric Byrne

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