[NTLK] New to Newton... tips?

From: Benjamin Higginbotham (draco_at_silverdragonden.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 20:46:13 EST

So I just bought my first Newton, a 2100 (upgraded from a 2000). I have=20=

used Palm and CE (now PocketPC) before, but never Newton OS. I got into=20=

this because a friend just got a Newton, I played with it and fell in=20
love. It amazes me that a technology that was *discontinued* 4 years=20
ago is still more powerful than anything we have today. I can't wait=20
for it to get here (this coming Wednesday).

So my reason for this post... What should I know? What cool tips and=20=

techniques does everyone have? I think I have already found a way to=20
sync with Mac OS X, and I think I have found a way to get it on my=20
Airport network. Can I have it display a Dvorak keyboard instead oy a=20=

QWERTY one (my keyboard of choice)? What other cool things can I do?

This is just amazing and so much fun! I used to think that PocketPC was=20=

a pretty cool OS for a PDA. Boy was I wrong!

Benjamin Higginbotham

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