Re: [NTLK] Contrast problems

From: Steven Frank (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 21:20:08 EST

>> If I adjust the contrast slider in the Extras drawer, the contrast goes
>> wacko. As you slide it up and down, the contrast seems to randomly
>> adjust from no image to all-black. When you release the slider, it
>> sets
>> the contrast at whatever shade it was last at, but a few shades
>> lighter.
> The programme Autocontrast can produce these effects, even when deleted.

I did finally succeed in doing a hard reset, so it should be completely
erased now, right?

> BTW, the hard reset screen does not have a higher contrast,
> it is just a dark pattern, thats all.

No, it is definitely changing the contrast. I can barely read the text,
even though it's on a "white" background. It's almost impossible to
read compared to doing the same thing on my 2000. Only on the hard
reset confirmation screen though!

> p.s., it could also be a case of the "jaggies" but I hope not.

I have noticed every once in a while it thinks I tapped a little bit
away from where I actually did, and SOMETIMES I get gaps or tiny jags in
my lines. Whenever I try to MAKE it happen though, it works fine, of
course. I wonder if I do have an early case of jaggies.

I'd hate to have to open up this beautiful new looking Newton and poke
around with the ribbon cables... I guess since I've only had this unit a
couple hours, I'll wait and see how troublesome it really is before I
get my screwdriver out..


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