Re: [NTLK] Hard Reset what does it do?

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 04:13:27 EST

on 28-02-2002 9:17, Grant [Reset Parameters] Hutchinson at

> Ok, maybe it's not all in the faq then. Hmmm. We maybe need to finesse
> that entry a bit to include a mention that a hard reset will speed up a
> Newt suffering from fragmentation.

It is: "Note that doing a backup/hard reset/restore cycle might speed up
your Newton. See question IIIB9 about defragmentation."

Only under IIIB9 I find "Use NewtonLink (for Unices)"

Or am I looking at the wrong IIIB9 ?

Robert Benschop

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