Re: [NTLK] Audio out for Newton 2x00

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 05:05:39 EST

on 02-03-2002 2:27, Eric Schneck at wrote:

> afl_id=-1&dist_id=-1&productID=&quantity=1&funcID=9901&department_current=40
> &search_product_name=
> Now I can listen to MP3's using a set of wireless FM headphones ($15-35 at
> Radio Shack)

Since the device in your link is listed at $29.99
Do I understand right that it sells at Radio Shack for $15 ?

> The benefits of using the iRock over simply connecting a set of headphones
> to the Newton is firstly, that the FM headphones provide the amplification
> that the Newton is lacking, and secondly, that there is less chance of
> damaging the Interconnect port by accidentally pulling on a headphone wire.

So how's the sound on a scale of terrible, passable or great ?

> Is anyone interested in a production run of the dongles? For how much?

It would seem better if you would list prices/production, otherwise we'll
see the list flooded with price suggestions. Besides, very hard to figure
out a price if you know neither the price of the components, nor the amount
of work involved.

Robert Benschop

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