[NTLK] Audio out for Newton 2x00

From: Eric Schneck (eschneck_at_mindspring.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 20:27:23 EST

I have built an audio-out dongle for my Newton:


and connected it to an iWalk 300W FM transmitter:


Now I can listen to MP3's using a set of wireless FM headphones ($15-35 at
Radio Shack)

The benefits of using the iRock over simply connecting a set of headphones
to the Newton is firstly, that the FM headphones provide the amplification
that the Newton is lacking, and secondly, that there is less chance of
damaging the Interconnect port by accidentally pulling on a headphone wire.
(I've ruined lots of headphones that way.)

Is anyone interested in a production run of the dongles? For how much? They
would be hand-made and expensive. Would people prefer a plain dongle like
the one in the picture, or one hard-wired to the iRock without the headphone
jack in-between? Note: The extra wires in the picture of the audio dongle
are for connecting a line-in jack. Is there any interest in that?


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