Re: [NTLK] IR print to Bubble Jet

From: Greg Spencer (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 09:01:49 EST

It appears the BJC-85 doesn't work via IR - I tried using the HP Deskjet 340
IR printer package like you probably did and all I got was jibberish. It's
too bad, the Canon is a great little printer. Now if only someone with the
necessary programming skills could put something togeter.... - including
something that would take advantage of the BJC-85's scanner capability!

So it looks like you will have to get the print pack cable if you want to
print using the Canon. They're usually available on ebay starting at around

Alternatively, if you really want portable wireless printing, pick-up an HP
Deskjet 340 with a battery and infrared adapter. All are also available on
ebay - sometimes as a package but also separately. That's what I use and it
works quite well - other than the finicky paper feeder on the printer. Just
make sure you use version 2.0 of the Newton IR printer package - the
original is unbearably slow.


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> Hey Newts,
> Anybody know if I can print via IR to the
> Cannon BJC-85? Nothing in the FAQ says I can.
> I just have this printer here with IR and the Newton
> with IR, seems like they should. I can use one of the
> other IR drivers to print jibberish (an HP, I think :-).
> I have print pack 2 installed and no cables.
> thanks,
> Randy

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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