Re: [NTLK] GEM 2100 impressions

From: Rolf Brakvatne (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 10:09:55 EST


My 2100 seems to work OK, even in the area of the crack?/scratch?,
except for one thing.
When I rotate the screen to landscape and use programs (ie. Pocket
Quicken) that have writing fields in the area of the crack and
horizontally from the area (3/4 in. wide), it has very erratic pen input
sometimes. The key word is 'sometimes'. This only occurs in the
landscape screen position. Pen inputs for buttons and pulldowns are fine
in the crack/scratch area. Is this normal in the 2100?

GEM has allowed me to return the 2100 for their inspection and possible
exchange after I e-mailed them a picture of the screen. I would cover
the shipping both ways. Worth returning it??

On Sunday, February 24, 2002, at 09:41 PM, Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> on 24/02/02 22:18, David Golden at wrote:
>> on 2/24/02 8:58 PM, Rolf Brakvatne at wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I just got back from a trip to discover that my 2100 from GEM had
>>> arrived.
>>> Not having had a 2100 (this is not the upgrade), here are my first
>>> impressions :
>>> 1. The unit appears in good (used) condition.
>>> 2. Screen has a half inch crack (not a scratch) in the lower portion
>>> of
>>> the screen (Problem? Can the screen be replaced?)
>>> 3. One of the two rear cover holding clasps is missing (Anywhere I can
>>> get another?)
>>> 4. The battery appears to be OK, just needs to be cycled a few times.
>>> 5. Under memory info, it shows internal memory of 3984K. I thought the
>>> 2100 had 8000K
>>> memory??
>>> RB
>> If I were you, I would try to get GEM to let you send that MP back in
>> exchange for one in better condition. A cracked screen is more then a
>> mere
>> cosmetic problem. The replacement cost ( parts and labor ) could
>> easily run
>> $100 (?). I'd be interested in what some of the more knowledgeable list
>> members think.
> I would definitely call GEM and get it replaced. You can't do anything
> with
> a cracked screen and I'm pretty sure that the touchscreen is totally
> inoperative.
> The Apple repair, which is the only way to get the screen replaced,
> unless
> Calvin Grier comes with his replacements, runs at $180 plus shipping,
> which
> might be more expensive than what this user paid initially to GEM to get
> this 2100.
> Again, I would definitely call GEM and *REQUEST* a replacement.
> -Laurent.
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