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Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 14:49:45 EST

Actually, none of the below! I changed from Comcast to Verizon DSL since
Comcast's cable connection went flaky during the transition. They then
shut off the ability of their customer service people to set up a repair
appointment, even though it was required. I'd call in, wait for hours,
and then find that they were physically incapable of sending a repair
guy. I then went to Verizon and got an email policy that is spam proof.
Its also user useless. They will not accept a SMPT out message that has
a non-Verizon or BellAtlantic return. They also give you one out address
that can't be replied to, you can only reply to an address that you pick,
but you can send on this address. Needless to say, all my email
correspondence is messed up. I have to have a back up dial up account to
send email! I will be dumping them soon, I promise!

>Not 100% true-- If you live in Northern Kentucky,
>addresses are now Depends on who your local cable
>company is now in bed with. (:
>--Paul E Musselman
>> All '' addresses were changed to '' if he uses
>>comcast. This happened on March 1.
>>> Sorry, private post.
>>> Mark, I can seem to reach you, mail sent to
>>> back as undeliverable and mail to doesn't seem to
>>> you.
>>> Can you check on your side or give me another email address ?
>> > Robert Benschop

Mark Ross

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