Re: [NTLK] OT Mark Ross ?

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 16:34:07 EST

Verizon can eat sh*t for all I care. I got bounced around by
'customer-no-service' just so that the 'phone-up-their-b*tt sales reps.'
could ringup so-called excess sales. Now I run a 100 ft. phone cable from
my old location to my new location because Verizon can't service a 'small
business'. From two lines to four lines doesn't mean cr*p to this
monopoly(yup, we have only *one* choice, Verizon or silence).
Also, watch your bill, Verizon settled 'again' for 'padding' bills, look on for the facts. I think even had the links
to the news reports and 'clark howards' site.
BTW, might as well get yahoo.mail since Newtscape works with it.
>guy. I then went to Verizon and got an email policy that is spam proof.
>Its also user useless. They will not accept a SMPT out message that has
>a non-Verizon or BellAtlantic return. They also give you one out address
>that can't be replied to, you can only reply to an address that you pick,
>but you can send on this address. Needless to say, all my email
>correspondence is messed up. I have to have a back up dial up account to
>send email! I will be dumping them soon, I promise!


Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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