Re: [NTLK] Heaven or Hell

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 16:34:07 EST

Ouch! Sorry to hear. :-(

I used 'H or H', worked good(even on my main Newt.). Only one problem, it
was frozen, I needed to activate it-but during 'thaw' it became a (-10011)
error. I had to make a backup to another card and restore without 'H or
H'. I've only seen (-10011) during thawing.
I'll stick with the 'status bar button fix' and 'syspatch'es' 're-cache
during poweroff'.
>or visible dismissal buttons (but which were obviously there, since I could
>get rid of them)
>End result: 64 Mb of free memory on my cards. One Newt in pristine state,
>no data or packages to be seen anywhere.
>Good thing I backed this up a few weeks ago... except for my packages, so
>lost a bunch of things beamed to me but never extracted w/ Package Buddy
>(which never could connect...)
>AAAAARGH. I'm going home to sulk.


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