[NTLK] Solar Powered Newton

From: John Fraser (john_fraser_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 09:42:19 EST

Hi. I was an active member at one time but been a lurker recently.
I'm curious if any solar panel projects for the newton have been
started or completed. It seems they are coming down in price and
assuming all we need is 400mA and 5v for the 2x00 series to charge and
run the newton 2x00 (from Newton FAQ) it's quite possible to build a
cheap and reasonable sized solar charger and powering device.

Currently in concept the panel would be about 4.75x7.25x.25 (comparable
to a 2x00 except far thinner) and materials would cost about $40.00 if
you already have the basic tools.

I hope to have the real panels I want to use in next week and have some
numbers on my success or failure in about two weeks.

if anyone is doing something similar please let me know (on or off the
list) would be glad to compare notes.

BTW yes I'm taking pictures for the whole thing. Once I have everything
setup you can find the site at http://www.newton2000.com

Other projects that will be on the site:

How to build a audio in/out and the parts to use (basically a new
version to the interconnect port website in the Newton FAQ). Most
people (like myself)
  will be excited now that the mp3 player is available.

Have you checked the FAQ lately? http://www.guns-media.com/mirrors/newton/faq/
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